Picture Search
Our picture search finds finds occurrences of your keywords in the fields: “description”, “name”, “tags”, “year”, and “remarks” but not in the general text of our website (there being so little text, we desisted from adding a separate search facility for this).    Search results are mixed from all albums: sculptures, drawing/paintings, sketches and photos.

One rather fascinating use of this facility is for example to display Charles’s works by year of creation [between 1940 and 2015], by searching e.g. for “1945”, “1982”, “1999” a.o. Please note that not all works have a clearly assigned year of creation, which implies that there are gaps in the years covered. Also some may well be “false positives” e.g. a War Monument to the fallen of 1943-1945 comes up under “1943”, but wasn’t made in that year.