There can be no question: Pictures simply look better without large © signs or other watermarks.
In the interest of a better depiction of Charles Kohl’s Art, we chose not to deface the images on this site with large copyright (©) marks.

The fact remains, nevertheless, that the overwhelming majority of the 5451 pictures on this site are de facto e de jure “© Copyright Charles Kohl and his heirs”. The remaining handful of other copyright holders are attributed where applicable.

Please respect our Copyright; We allow exclusively the personal use of our images from this site.
In cleartext, that means that you may look at this website and that you may also print out some images e.g. to hang on your *personal* wall.

All other -non personal- use of images from this site is, however, subject to a license. Any copying of our images outside of our site without a license will be seen as copyright infringement, actionable in law. And yes, that also includes posting our images to facebook and other social media. If you make any such *non-personal* (e.g. commercial or distributive) use of any images from this site, you must get a license from us either by e-mailing “license [at]” or by filling out the form below.

We’re not trying to make money from these images. Indeed, we may well grant a free license for some commercial use of our images – or request a small payment to our designated charity – but we do not want others to generate wealth on the back of Charles’ [as well as our own] work if there isn’t some recognition of the original work, i.e. without a license. Above all, we need to know who uses the Art of Charles Kohl and for what purposes.

We thank you for your understanding.

The Kohl Family
March 2020




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